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I have a new reading challenge that I am attempting this year I found on Facebook somewhere. One of the challenges was to read a book that I could read in one day. This book met that criteria–it was only 209 pages. I think I read the first half straight through.

Lauren Graham’s first novel Someday, Someday, Maybe came out in 2013. My review can be found here.It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, because I think I was hoping for more of a bio, like this book is. That’s why I loved this book so much more.

Everyone who’s a huge Gilmore Girls fan like myself, wants to know about the making of the show and what it was like during those 7 years. Well, this memoir will give you some insight into those years of playing Lorelai Gilmore, as well as the Parenthood years, and the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life mini-series.

I liked the way Graham wrote this book; she writes to the audience as if she is talking to them face to face. Plenty of jokes and sarcasm. I think I would have preferred her to write this book first, before Someday, Someday, Maybe but I understand why she wrote that first now. She had some spare time in between shooting Parenthood episodes and that’s where her first novel began. I certainly applaud her for putting her baby out there for everyone to read and getting a book published! I’ve never done anything like that so I definitely give her props.

My favorite part about this book was where Graham watched all the Gilmore Girls episodes and commented with her favorite scene, hairstyle/fashion, and a fun-fact for each season. It was interesting to know that she makes a point of not watching herself in shows so she had forgotten some things that happened in the show. There was one part when she was shooting Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and she had to have the part where Lorelai and Christopher get married completely hashed out to her because she forgot it had happened! Such an important detail that she had forgotten! But with how hectic actors’ lives are, I can see how you wouldn’t be able to remember everything that ever happened in a TV show you’ve been filming for 6 years straight.

I highly recommend this book if you’re an avid Gilmore Girls fan and I’m excited to read her next book!




Someday, Someday, Maybe

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This is Lauren Graham’s (Gilmore Girls, Parenthood)¬†debut novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe. For a first novel, this one is not bad, as I have not ever attempted to write one myself. But to be honest, I was disappointed.

The novel takes place in 1995. It is about Franny Banks, a young waitress struggling to become an actress in the Big Apple. She’s given herself a deadline, 3 years, to “make it” as an actress. However, her deadline is about up and all she has gotten is a lot of failed auditions and a couple of commercials.

Franny is accepted into a prestigious acting class where she meets some interesting people, one of whom, James Franklin, she starts to fall for. He is an experienced actor, who has done a few movies and she is in awe of him as an artist. Her roommates, Jane and Dan, encourage her acting career and try the best they can to be supportive.

The story is told in Franny’s voice, following her every thought and feeling about acting and whether or not she can make it. She often doubts herself and her talent, which is why she likes James so much because he believes in her. About half-way through the book, the story takes a turn when Dan, her sci-fi screenwriter roommate, professes his love for her after his fiance leaves him. This love triangle was too predictable and neither man seems right for Franny.

I was fond of the format of the novel. Every few chapters, the section would end with several day-planner entries of Franny’s week, such as her appointments, plays, and dates with James. Doodles and notes filled these pages. Each chapter also began with voicemail messages from people in Franny’s life, ending with the inevitable, “Beeeeep.”

I am a huge fan of Lauren Graham. Gilmore Girls and Parenthood¬†are two of my favorite shows, which is why I was so excited to read her novel. But I was disappointed. I felt as if the novel was a made-up character living Lauren Graham’s experiences as a young actress. I have not read up a lot on Graham’s life, but I do know there were some similarities between her and the character of Franny. I would have been more satisfied if she had written a memoir or autobiography instead. I much prefer reading about an actor’s life than an actor writing about a character becoming an actor. But I applaud her bravery at writing such a novel and trying her hand at another art.

I give this novel a 2/5.