Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

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“Go Ask Alice” is a book that I feel most teenagers should be exposed to, especially 8th grade level through early college. This book would never have passed the curriculum in my high school (private, Christian school) but I think it would have benefited many kids there.

The book was published in 1971, during the peak of sexual and drug exploration in America. The author is a young, 15 year old girl, writing in her diary. We never learn her name, but we learn about her battle with drugs through her personal thoughts in the diary.

The author goes to several more parties and tries every drug in the book, LSD, Heroin, Pot, Cocaine, you name it. Her favorite that she seems to keep coming back to is pot. It gets to the point where she cannot go a day without getting high.

I won’t give away much more of the book, because it is rather short, but the author gets herself deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of drugs (an allusion made to Alice in Wonderland in the book which probably alludes to the title).

Even though this book, this life took place over 30 years ago, many of the elements and themes are extremely relevant today, which is why I think this would be a great book to teach (if I were going to become a teacher).

I give this book a rating of 4/5.