The Last Bookstore: Downtown L.A.

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I have not posted in quite awhile due to work and health issues, but I also just recently got back from an AMAZING trip to California!

We went to visit some friends (my friends since middle school) and we cram-packed everything we could into one week. They live about an hour from downtown L.A. so one of our stops was to The Last Bookstore. Now, I’m a born-and-bred Barnes and Noble freak myself but when it comes down to it, B&N can get boring, predictable, and expensive. And Half-Price Books is always a hit-or-miss on finding what you want. But this place, was a book-lover’s dream come true (and yes, we went to Disneyland 3 times!!)

iPhone 7_29_15 152

This bookstore gets it’s name from the idea that books, unfortunately, are fading out and iPads, e-readers, and Amazon are taking over the book industry. So, it is mainly a used bookstore, but they also sell new books. The prices are great!

I went in just mouth-agape staring from floor to ceiling at the artsy decor and angled rows of books. I walked down a couple of aisles aimlessly, trying to think of what books were on my Goodreads list. My friend and my husband both told me I had to buy something. I hit the YA section, and remembered I had been looking for the Oz books.

Frank L. Baum wrote several books before and after The Wizard of Oz, and I had read one about the Tinman when I was younger and it totally freaked me out. The tinman basically became made of tin because every time he missed a log and hacked off a body part, it was replaced with tin–even his head. Creepy for a 10 year old, right?

I had already purchased one of those enormous books from B&N back home that is the first 5 books in the Oz collection, but I needed to see if they had more. The organization of the store is a little sketchy, so I asked one of the salesmen if he knew where they were. Took him 30 seconds to find them. There they were. About 6 of them were on the shelf and I bought 4. I could NEVER find them at Half-Price Books, and they were only 5 bucks a pop, so I had a STEAL!

iPhone 7_29_15 160

The store is arranged kind of haphazardly but still has a definite pattern. This picture was taken from the 2nd floor looking down at the 1st floor. The bottom left corner is where the stage is located, probably for local bands. The shelves have small signs dividing the genres, but it was still kind of hard to distinguish what section you’re in.

iPhone 7_29_15 156

This is my husband and I inside this little room that used to be a vault (I believe the building used to be an old bank). My friend was trying to get Zach to smile so she said “Andrew Luck is naked!” It obviously worked 🙂iPhone 7_29_15 158

This picture is from the “Rare Books Collection”. Most of them were just books to me because I don’t know what is “rare” and what’s not. Some books were locked up in glass cases. Some where on shelves. But you had to pay for those books before you left the room. I found a ‘making of Star Wars‘ book I liked but it was $35. I like Star Wars, but not that much.

iPhone 7_29_15 159

This display reminded me of Harry Potter for some reason. I thought it was a good “introduction” to the second floor. Upstairs, the books are a lot less organized but still cool to look through. There is a small, overpriced knit shop, an art gallery, and the Labyrinth, which is a collection of used books all for $1. Most of those books are ones they are trying to get rid of, (Windows 99 manuals, Al Gore global warming, Shakespeare Cliff Notes).

iPhone 7_29_15 161.JPG

This was a piece of art in the hallway upstairs. There were several images of hearts, but this on stood out to me. As if California is a part of the artist’s very soul.


This was a “book tunnel” upstairs. Everyone must take an obligatory tourist photo.

iPhone 7_29_15 163

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and keep an eye out for more in the near future! PS) If you’re ever in L.A., check this place out.


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