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The Theory of Everything

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theory of everything

This movie was excellent. It wasn’t quite the tear-jerker I thought it would be, but still tugs at the heart-strings. The basic premise is about the great physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, played by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

The movie begins with Stephen finishing his doctorate at Cambridge University. He meets Jane and they become friends and then more than friends. Stephen’s crippling ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) has already begun to corrode his hand and legs muscles. He is given the deadly diagnosis and told he has a mere 2 years to live. Shutting himself off from everyone, Stephen goes into a depression and distances himself from Jane. She refuses to allow Stephen to push her away, and so, they get married.

Several years go by and 2 children are produced. Stephen has exceeded his age limit, but his body deteriorates even further. Jane meets a choir director at church named Jonathan. They become friends, and Jonathan helps take care of the children and Stephen; however, Jane and Jonathan begin to fall in love.

Jane and Stephen have one more child together, but everyone suspects Jonathan is the father. This leads Jonathan to cut Jane and his friendship off, for a little while. Soon, Jane is forced to make the decision to cut off his last mode of communication-his vocal cords. He is given a tracheotomy to save his life, and he has to learn how to communicate all over again.

Stephen becomes even more famous with his book A Brief History of Time, which he writes with the help of a computer that allows him to talk. He begins falling for his in-home nurse, and Jane and Stephen finally separate and divorce. The movie ends with the pair meeting the Queen of England.

Even though I don’t personally believe in science as the end-all be-all, I feel Stephen Hawking is a great man, and his story is very inspiring. I knew he was a famous scientist, and that he talked with a funny-sounding robot computer, but that was it. This movie tells a great story and many who suffer from or have dealt with people who suffer from ALS/Lou Gehrig’s can relate. This story also evokes great empathy from people like me who have never experienced such a crippling disease.

Question for Thought:

I was under the impression that during the scene in which Jonathan and Jane are camping with the children, Jane asks to come inside Jonathan’s tent so that they may have relations. Others I have talked to say that she did not cheat on Stephen and that it was not even implied. I was under the impression that they did, and after she found out that Stephen was in a coma, they decided it was best to cut their relationship off. Thoughts? Just something I was wondering.

Overall, I’d rate this movie a 4/5.

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